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I luv RAB 19!!!!!!!!!!!!

That movie was so dam good i could have sex with it, and i thort the other rabs are awesome... well they are and this one iz just Crazy. I like the part bout god and his peanut butter, Wat ever u do dont stop makin rab

I can relate to that

"loss" iz how i felt when my ex girlfriend dumped me, tragic... but any way i liked your clip.

Great rab episode

I luv the rab series and this has to be one of my favs of the series.

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It's kool

If u like 2d drag racing u would be an idiot to not try this game.It has a bunch of awsome cars and has a good range of customizing. over all it's a good game so try it

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Cool, Dont play it for too long.

Its cool but can get boring if you play it for too long. I mean I like it and all, You just can't play it for long periods of time. It's just not one of those games you can play for hours and still be interested in what your doing.

Over All its cool.

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Nice Work!!!

this is an awesome song! yoou've don4e it realy well.

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i love the way you've done this song. it has a friendly sort of feel to it. very well done i am impressed.

It was great =]

i make some beats every now and then, though i have never submitted them. also ive listened to alot of techno and/or trance and this was realy good. im abit pzzled b how you made this, and wanted to ask what software you use?
anyway good job 10/10

Zenan responds:

Cheers man, I use FL Studio. Check out the Audio Forum.

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